Surge Protector UPS Power Supply

  • Surge Protector UPS Power Supply
  • Surge Protector UPS Power Supply
  • Surge Protector UPS Power Supply
Surge Protector UPS Power Supply

Model: Surge Protector Offline UPS Capacity: 650VA~1000VA Wave Type: Modified Sine Wave/Simulated Sine Wave/PWM Sine Wave Brand: ROYCE ENERGY or OEM

The Surge Protector UPS Power Supply is a type of UPS that uses CPU integrated control technology. This technology enables the UPS to react quickly and precisely in the event of a power outage, high or low voltage, surge, transient, or spike, and its surge protection port safeguards specialized external devices like printers.

It may be used in a variety of electric power environments due to its wide input voltage range, automated voltage regulation function, and automatic startup feature.


Features of Surge Protector UPS Power Supply

1. Auto restarts upon AC recovery
2. Automatic charging (offline charging) and silence configuration 3. Low voltage protection for batteries
4. Protection against overload and short circuit
5. Broad range of input voltage


Specification of Surge Protector UPS Power Supply

Model 650 850 1000
Input Voltage   range 165 -275 Vac
Input   Frequency Range 65/45Hz
Output Voltage 230Vac
Output voltage   range 198-242Vac
Output   frequency 65/45Hz
Output wave   form PWM
Battery Rating 12V/7Ah 12V/9Ah 12V/9Ah
Charging   Period 4-6 hours recover to 90%   capacity
Socket Universal/Italian/American/European
Full   Protection Low voltage &   overload & short circuit protection
Net weight   (KG) 4.8kgs 5.6kgs 6.4kgs
Unit Dimension   mm 280 * 245 * 130 mm
Environment of   performance temperature 0~40   degree, humidity 20%~90%
Noise level Less than 40dB
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